Thursday, June 21, 2007

Return of Atlantis

I haven't followed this Atlantis space shuttle story that closely, but till today I had thought that Sunita Williams is the only passenger on that space ship. Imagine my surprise when I learnt this morning that there are six others along with her and she is not even the leader of the team or anything. Then, why does the Indian media focus only on her? Is it just the first name? Idiots.

Actually, I don't even understand why there is so much hype about these astronauts. Given the risks involved in space travel, I am not even sure if we should be sending these highly qualified people and then worry about getting them back safely. Why not pick a few death row prisoners, give them six month training on the kind of experiments they need to do in space and send them off. If they come back safe, fine, they get amnesty, otherwise, well, they were going to die anyway.

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Rohit said...

Cant agree with you more. I've written an article on my blog titled 'Everybody is an Indian'....Maybe you'd want to check it out