Thursday, April 12, 2007

Secession of the successful

Is Narayana Murthy's comment about singing of national anthem embarassing the foriegners another evidence for this phenomenon mooted by late economist JK Galbraith? Where the successful just retreat into their own world and tend to be disconnected from rest of their countrymen? And to think such a man was being considered as a candidate for President of India!

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Ravi Ivaturi said...

Didn't understand your allusion; are you suggesting that not singing the national anthem is akin to distancing yourself from your countrymen? Obviously, the rest of the bullet points on Mr. Murthy’s resume don’t matter, do they? (I presume- I don’t have to elaborate?). Except for the constitutional stamp given to the national anthem, I don’t see too much point in making a song and dance of singing or not singing the anthem.